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Certified Structural Evaluator®

One of the many valuable attributes of using a Stabil-Loc Certified Structural Evaluator® is you will receive a precise evaluation of your home. Our contractors are trained to take a three step approach prior to fixing any foundation problem. This three step approach eliminates an incorrect diagnosis and allows our contractors to find the source of the problem and repair it correctly, the first time.

Certified Structural Evaluators®

Accurate Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs

All of these readings and evaluations will be used to prepare an accurate repair plan. Anything less is putting you at risk for an incorrect diagnosis. It is the position of Stabil-Loc and the “Authorized Contractor” network, that a foundation repair project is not complete until the homeowner has documentation detailing the work performed. After each job is performed the homeowner will receive an Engineering Report reviewed and stamped by a professional engineer.

Benefits of Our CSE® Program

  • Trained And Certified Under CSE® Regulations
  • Diagnos Entire Home- Not Just Problem Area
  • Accurate Laser Measurement Technology For Leveling Concrete/Home
  • Certified Engineers Personally Install Products
  • Fix Any Crack, Foundation, or Water Problem
  • Provide 30+ Financing Options Available

Evaluating Foundation Problems

CSE® Foundation Evaluation

Inspecting Basement Problems

CSE® Waterproofing Evaluation