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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Our foundation repair services in Utah consist of engineering, handling, and installation of our patented products. The Stabil-Loc Foundation Pier System is a concentric load pier that raises structures and corrects sinking/settling of failing foundations. This also accommodates splitting fractures and cracks of the structure in concrete, mason, or brick laywork. Other products we install as our complete service is Carbon Fiber Wall Supports that stabilize, brace and realign bowing basement walls back into place. We seal all concrete cracks with our epoxy injection for durable hold and to ward off leaks.

Structural Services

  • Certified contractors & technicians
  • Permanent solutions to sinking foundations
  • Crack sealing epoxies
  • Lifetime warranty of all piers
  • Bowed wall bracing and reinforcement

Local Foundation Repair Reviews


Much appreciated on a job well done. All of my properties repaired within a week kept me in business. Good foundation contractor in SLC by far...

Stabil-Loc Foundation Systems & Products

The Stabil-Loc Foundation Pier System

The Stabil-Loc Foundation Pier System is installed directly under the concrete or mason wall that needs to be lifted or stabilized. The pier is driven deep within the earth into bedrock or stable, load-bearing strata which is verifiable with load-testing. As the home is lifted, a mechanism allows part of the piering system that makes contact with the bottom of the footer to be rotated to prevent breaking the footer- a feature not found anywhere else. Installation can be done quickly, and with minimal excavation required. This system is designed to restabilize the sinking structure by shifting the weight of the home off of the foundation and onto themselves, redirecting the load to more reliable earth layers underground.

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Carbon Fiber Wall Supports

Carbon Fiber Wall Supports

Carbon fiber is a high-strength, durable strand which is woven into a strip of fabric that will not ever lose its shape, and cannot be broken. That is why this material is very useful when it comes to fixing leaning or bowed basement walls. This is a common structural problem that is caused from excessive pressure in the earth pushing on the foundation walls. Eventually, the pressure is too much and the wall will crack or bow into the home. The old way of fixing the problem was to use steel I-beams, but this method has proven to be ineffective and not as durable as it should be over the years.

Epoxy Injection

Epoxy Injection

After our piering systems are installed to stabilize the base of a home or our carbon fiber strips are installed to reinforce a basement wall, we will use our epoxy injection technique. The special epoxy material is placed in all cracks and crevices to prevent moisture from the earth getting into the basement environment. This will help to restore the concrete used in the foundation back to its pre-damaged strength, along with the help of our other structural repair products.

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